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Counter Strike Global Offensive

DreamHack Open will feature CS:GO with $100,000 in the prize pool attracting teams like Gambit, Renegades and North. The Digital Pass exclusively broadcasts every players perspective during the event! Be sure to follow your favourite players so you can watch the pros battle it through their own eyes!

Remember that you can rep your team the chat. Represent!

EXCLUSIVE! Every Players Perspective + Map Overview + Main Stream


In the HCT Grand Prix Hearthstone tournament every point matters leading up to the World Championship. With over 200 competitors the Digital Pass will feature 8 notable players and follow them the throughout their journey in the tournament, including all of their matches the first days.

The competition for those HCT points will be fierce and you can follow it closely as every single match from the playoffs will be available here on Znipe!

EXCLUSIVE! All matches from the playoffs and the journeys of 8 notable players

Hand made highlight playlists

The team behind the broadcast are always looking out for insane plays and intense moments in the match. Catch live highlights and instant replays from all tournaments while watching any game.

Available for both Hearthstone and CSGO

Watch multiple LIVE matches at the same time

Have eyes on all stages in the event. Overlap video streams, and display them as big or small as you want.

Catch all the action with the Znipe PING. Appearing in the corner of the stage, Znipe PING brings you LIVE highlights as they happen from all matches in the event.

All matches streamed in HD quality and available on-demand

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